The need for foster parents is critical in Duval and Nassau counties. And good foster parents
know good people.

So please join us in spreading the word—and get an extra special thanks from Family Support Services!


    Here's how it works:

    • You must be an FSS licensed home in good standing and accepting placements
    • Your referral must be received and the prospective foster parent (referee) must register by July 15, 2021
    • The person you refer cannot be a former foster parent who is re-licensing or someone who is currently in the system of care (active FSS foster parent in Duval or Nassau counties)
    • The referee must pass initial screening with FSS licensing, complete and graduate PRIDE training within 90 days of class completion, AND be accepted and licensed by the State of Florida
    • The referee must become licensed to either accept children ages infant to 12, teens ages 13-17, or licensed with the capacity to accept a sibling group of 3 or more to be eligible for the program.  All licenses must be at Level 2 or above for the referee to be eligible for the program.
    • The referee must take and maintain their first placement (in the home for at least 30 days), of a child, teen or sibling group of 3 or more within 45 days of being licensed

    Referrals are accepted based on a “first-in” time basis. If you or another FSS foster parent refer the same individual or family, the form received first will receive the credit. Limit one gift card per newly licensed foster family and limit one gift card per referring foster family. Gift card will be awarded after first placement.